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How was the world's tallest structure based on sand? Development of the Burj Khalifa started in 2004, with the outside finished five years after the fact in 2009. The essential construction is supported cement. The structure was opened in 2010 as a component of another improvement called Downtown Dubai. It is intended to be the focal point of enormous scope, blended-use improvement. The choice to develop the structure depends on the public authority's choice to enhance from an oil-based economy, and for Dubai to acquire global acknowledgment. The structure was initially named Burj Dubai yet was renamed to pay tribute to the leader of Abu Dhabi and leader of the United Arab Emirates, Khalifa container Zayed Al Nahyan; Abu Dhabi and the UAE government loaned Dubai cash to pay its obligations. 


Burj Khalifa was planned by Adrian Smith, of Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill, whose firm planned the Willis Tower and One World Trade Center. Hyder Consulting was picked to be the directing designer with NORR Group Consultants International Limited picked to oversee the engineering of the venture. The plan is gotten from the Islamic engineering of the locale, for example, in the Great Mosque of Samarra. The Y-molded three-sided floor calculation is intended to enhance private and in space. Deeply and wings are utilized to help the stature of the structure.

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