The works of artist Mesfin Getachew


Ethiopia lost a noticeable craftsman Mesfin Getachew. Mesfin Getachew is one of the notable scriptwriters in Ethiopia and has composed numerous contents for Radio, Television, Film, and Theater. He had taken part as one of the lead scriptwriters in the Population Media Center (PMC) research-based amusement training radio sequential dramatizations entitles Yeken Kignt (Tune of the Day), Menta menged ( the intersection), Maleda, Seberat (Broken), Mieraf, Yezemen Chigngoch, Yeledet Tewaf (a birthday candle)and some more.

These Radio dramatizations are the first of their sort in Ethiopia and are intended to address social issues like Reproductive Health, Family Planning, HIV/AIDS, and other social issues. It has been thought of, on various worldwide gatherings, as perhaps the best radio sequential dramatizations, in Africa and has had the option to win acknowledgment both locally and abroad and has had the option to acquire admirable inclusion in various neighborhood global media.

A screenwriter composes content for visual mediums. They compose screenplays for highlight films, short movies, TV, plugs, and computer games. They make the discourse, the characters, and the storyline of a content. ... Once more, every author has an extraordinary cycle for acknowledging and building their story.

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