General Bacha Debele talks about Ataye


There are still charges against the Ethiopian government with respect to normal freedoms' encroachment in Tigray, northern Ethiopia. The latest came from UN High Commissioner for Human Rights,Michelle Bachelor.

She ensured certified encroachment of International law – possibly something that amounts to "abominations and bad behaviors against Humanity." The case relies upon a central, as the report by the commission put it, examination of information amassed. Furthermore, the commission declared a "strong" focal points for the information, anyway sources are obscure.

It is construed that the encroachment is put together by all social occasions related with the dispute, as uncovered in the UN news update. Ethiopian Defense Force, Tigray People's Liberation Front, Eritrean Armed Forces and Adhara Regional Forces are included.

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission has not yet conveyed a clarification concerning the charges.

On Wednesday, the public authority of Ethiopia conveyed a clarification concerning the situation in the northern piece of the country including the regular opportunities condition.

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