A mother who lives in a car with her 7 children and her granddaughter


A tragic story of an Ethiopian mother who lives in a vehicle with her 7 kids and her granddaughter. By Journalist Teshager Tasew. We truly get the opportunity to help one another and need each other to endure. I realize life can't be simple, on occasion. I need to know whether being pleasant to one another can support us? I venerate kids in light of the fact that a great deal of them are cheerful investigating the world and learning about this blessing we got. 


Grown-ups don't grin as much as I might want to see. Society says you're conceived, you go to class, you graduate, you set off for college or not, you work from 18 to 60, you resign, and "this is the life." in the middle of the entirety of this lighten, we can do the entirety of this (or not and make a really satisfying life), and treat each other as people. 


As of late I've felt the feelings of my conditions. I need to locate a superior method to convey what I have to state without accusing, disgracing, or anticipating. I am taking a gander at all that I think, see, and feel as nonpartisan occasions. I see myself reacting. 


We as a whole vibe we as a whole encounter our feelings through each experience we venture into. Shouldn't something be said about paying special mind to one another, particularly when you don't know somebody.

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