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Today, like never before, Africans need to think back to go ahead. Be that as it may, what do Africans see when they think back? They are regularly overpowered by seeing mostly the dangerous more than 500 years of the dehumanizing African experience. They once in a while recognize, appreciate, perceive and advance the various battles for freedom that occurred from the time of subjection to right now in all pieces of the African world. The administration of Taste Menelik is perceived and recognized worldwide. For reasons unknown in Ethiopia, there is as yet an impression of Taste Menelik with ethnic condemnations and focal points. Ethiopians should recognize whatever slip-ups Ate Menelik might have made, he is the best chief Africa at any point had. It is time all Africans who really perceive through the initiative Taste Menelik given that Africa found the all around the world perceived marvel of African answers for the issues forced on Africa by expansionism.

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