They told me that my mother had died, but she didn't but why?


Dismal Story of an Ethiopian lady. Head Tewodros' seal and a crown during Queen Elizabeth Visit to Ethiopia in 1965. In the late twentieth Century and mid 21st Century, individual relatives of officers of Napier's Magdala undertaking made the best choice and returned in excess of 20 curios as tokens of famous generosity accepting up the call of AFROMET, the Association for the Return of the Magdala Ethiopian Treasures, and as of late the Imperial War Museum returned a lock of Emperor Tewodros' hair." 


Alula further said that "the reserve of returned relics in one go is practically comparable to all the private assortment returns over numerous years in the late twentieth and mid 21st century, and may prepare for additional compensations drives; particularly while holding curios. 


Strikingly, human remaining parts, for example, those of Prince Alemayehu in Windsor Chapel or sacrosanct articles, for example, the heavenly Tabot Arks of the Covenant in the British Museum, that it has been concurred never to show is turning out to be progressively behind the times, unimportant, and humiliating. 


As a glaring difference, these and different antiques have tremendous recorded, social, and profound worth in the country to which they have a place and their return brings about celebration and public pride and colossal appreciation that a chronicled wrong has finally been amended.

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