Comedian Eshetu new Ethiopian comedy


This is one of the humorists Eshetu's stand-up parody shows which was has been shot a year back. humorist Eshetu is a notable professional comic in Ethiopia who brings social issues up in his satire works, he censures the bad behaviors of the individuals who are in force by raising astounding rationale and the truth of the general public. 


Stand-up parody is a comedic style in which a humorist acts before a live crowd, talking straightforwardly to them through a receiver. The entertainer is normally known as a comic, professional comedian, humorist, comedienne, professional comic, or basically a hold-up. 


Jokesters give the deception that they are talking, yet in fact, they are monologuing a gathering of diverting stories, jokes, and jokes, normally called a shtick, schedule, act, or set. 


Some professional comics use props, music, or enchantment stunts to upgrade their demonstrations. Professional comics perform semi-personal and fictionalized augmentations of their offstage selves.

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