Diyakon Daniel Kibret's lesson


Despite the fact that the guideline of the highly sensitive situation (SoE) expressed that utilizing a face veil is obligatory at open territories to forestall, the law isn't appropriately applied to the present circumstance. 


Police additionally cautions manhandling the laws has a discipline up to death. As indicated by Capital's perception in various corners of Addis Ababa, the utilization of face veils is uncommon, particularly in jam-packed spots. 


The pattern, at major occupied territories like Merkato and open transport transportation regions, proceeded of course, despite the fact that the highly sensitive situation authorizes the utilization of any sort of mouth and nose inclusion at open spots. 


The guideline of SoE article 4 sub-article 6 showed that utilizing covers or face inclusion at banks, commercial centers, open vehicle and terminals, shops, medicate stores, open assistance regions, and different mass social occasion zones are obligatory.

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