YeLeb Weg with Sewmehon Yismaw and Dawit Tesfaye


Producers Sewmehon Yismaw and Dawit Tesfaye on Yeleb weg program section one. Sewmehon Yismaw is an Ethiopian movie producer, brought up in Gonder, an old city in Ethiopia, where he grew up with customary narrating. Before he turned into a chief and cinematographer on some privately created films, he filled in as a photographic artist. 


Producer, Songwriter Director at Dir en Mag Films. Essayist/Producer/Director of the element dramatization ZETEGN MOT. A producer is responsible for choosing what parts of an entertainer's depiction of the scene should be changed from the content. They give the innovative energy and edge that separates the film. 


Offering headings to the entertainers and entertainers is vital on the grounds that frequently, the producer is answerable for the tone that the film takes. Not exclusively is the movie chief accountable for the entertainers and entertainers, he/she likewise assumes a part of the specialized way of the film. 


Producers work with in the background lighting and recording team to guarantee that the shots taken are of the greatest quality and give the most sensational setting. Having the option to lead a huge gathering of entertainers and entertainers, just as foundation staff, is certainly an exceptionally difficult part of the work. There is a gigantic measure of liability and stress set on the producer to make the creation effective.

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