Dr. Liya and Tamagn


Tigray police limited masterminded demonstrate booked to be sorted out in Mekelle city, the capital of the Tigray commonplace domain of Ethiopia. 


The masterminded show called by the Tigray Civic Society was to battle the circumstance of ethnic Tigrayan understudies in 10 schools in neighboring Amhara state. 


The seat of the Tigray Civic Society Mehari Yohannes expressed, notwithstanding the way that they have fulfilled all the imperative essentials to organize the appearing, they were denied to do as such by the counter dispute police. 


Promoting office head with the Mekelle city association, Zemenfeskidus Fiseha, said his office didn't get a requesting letter from any social occasion concerning the orchestrated appearing. 


The Tigray commonplace state close to the finish of a week ago passed a flawed decision dismissing the plan of first year ethnic Tigrayan understudies to gather in the country's Amhara territory, saying their security can't be guaranteed. 


Tigray Education Bureau Head Gebremeskal Kahesay in directions to close by media said the decision was made for the prosperity and security of the understudies following the broke down relationship and advancing political strains between the two regions. 


The demonstrators including gatherings of the as of late consigned and senior understudies and others were denied going to Romanat square where they expected to require the game plan of the understudies in higher foundations of Tigray state before they went up against a limitation from the police.

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