Lt. General Bacha Debele press statement from the front


Subsequent to finishing the activity, the protection armed force has now moved to re-visitation of their towns the individuals who have fled their homes because of security concerns, said Lt. Gen Bacha Debele, Commander of ENDF's Raya Front. 


He said the on-going exercises by the guard powers are essential for the endeavors of reestablishing steadiness and returning regularity to the individuals. Lt. Gen Bacha added that the protection armed force is prepared to forestall any potential assaults by the TPLF junta later on. 


Lt. Gen Bacha additionally dismissed the case by individuals from the fanatic gathering that they had caught him and Lt. Gen Abebaw Tadesse, Deputy Chief of Staff of ENDF. "The fleeing TPLF inner circle has no capacity to catch anybody," he stated, calling attention to that Lt. Gen Abebaw will go along with him in a question and answer session to be given soon.

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