Eight Common Mistakes Made When Drinking Water


A similar article sub-article 7 unmistakably expresses that the veil can be any sort including custom made or any sort of scarves. 


Leader Fasika Fanta, Public Relations head of Addis Ababa Police Commission, said that the city Police Commission watched the utilization of face veil is uncommon. 


"We assessed the circumstance of applying the SoE on covering the face isn't as a rule appropriately followed and we will deal with adjusting it promptly," he told Capital. 


He said that to limit the hole the Addis Ababa Police Commission in a joint effort with Federal Police and agents of Ministry of Peace is accepting exacting measures as of Wednesday, April 15. 


"Because of the Christmas season in the previous scarcely any days the security has been exceptionally concentrating on strict zones to ensure that people, in general, didn't assemble at places of worship," he said.

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